What is Parking

Parking is created by friendship, by passion, by the merge of different experiences that unify in one common project. Filippo and Simone … that is Parking … we have known eachother for years, and since years we have been looking for an idea that took shape only once we shared it. Friendship, passion, sharing, interdisciplinarity, respect. These are our values, this is us.

Why Parking

Parking, not a problem, but a solution

His highness the Parking creativity

Parking is anyway, anytime, showtime

Parking is golf as you have never seen before


Golf is a passion we share. From this passion our project began. As major passionates much too often we have observed how the potential of this sport was not fully exploited. The message and the activities didn’t convey the communication codes of the market. This strong belief brought us to the creation of a specialization area at the sectors we know more.